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Thank you for visiting with me today. Owing to a life long wanderlust, I have had the great fortune to travel to many corners of our magnificent globe and have experienced many diverse cultures. I have been inspired by incredible land and cityscapes. I have also been blessed with the ability to share what I have seen and experienced through my art. Perhaps we can share our wonderful world through my painting. I hope you enjoy my take on that beauty and wonder.

Within hours of first arriving there, I became an avid Francophile. Since then everything about this wonderful country (from the crystal clear sunlight of the Cote d'azur to the rough hewn beauty of Normandy and Brittany) has filled my senses to overflowing.


Italy has become particularly important to me as an artist. What could be more inspiring than the warmth and exuberance of the Italian people coupled with the historical majesty of its art and architecture. Every street in every town has a story to tell.


Although I'm drawn to new and different lands, nothing can compare with the awe inspiring vistas awaiting me just outside my studio. Diverse and vibrant, the beauty and wonder of my homeland never fails to amaze and humble me.


Africa is my latest great expedition. From the lush mountains of Mt. Kenya and Kilimanjaro to the vastness of the savannahs of Amboseli and the stark Serengeti, I was humbled by the shear majesty of Gods creation. I pray that my paintings will convey their beauty and purity of spirit.


For me, nothing can quite compare with the sensuous lines and graceful curves of flowers and the ever changing human form. What on earth could be more beautiful then God's mysteries?

Florals & Figures

It's every artist's dream to find an audience for his or her work. This archive is a representation of my work that is not on display or has found a home with persons who have connected with me and my ideas.


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